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The Experience of Sugar Babies in Arrangement Dating

In essence, a mutually benefitial relationship is a typical consenting relationship between a young beautiful lady and the older Sugar Daddy. There are different reasons why different young ladies venture into this type of relationship as an adage says" different strokes for different folks". In this article, you will read about the stories of different Sugar babies in Sugar Daddy dating relationship.

According to her, the charming beautiful and young lady said she entered into the Sugar Daddy relationship because she broke up with her boyfriend who was caring for her in the previous relationship and she had to break up with him but the break-up affected her greatly and she wanted to experience dating older men in a sugar daddy relationship. Initially she was jittery about going into it but she summoned the courage and sign up to an online sugar daddy dating site but her experience on the site was very weird, the sugar daddy that showed an interest in her was not her type of man and she turned him down but the man verbally abused her which made her delete her profile on the site.

Another Sugar Baby shared her experience of Sugar Daddy dating relationship after she also broke up with her boyfriend, though she never got what she wanted on Seeking Arrangement, a sugar daddy dating site because most of Sugar Daddies on the site were not willing to give her monthly allowance as demanded by the Site, they were only willing to pay for sex. Due to this, she had to quit Sugar Daddy Meet for another site,, where she was able to meet her preferred choice of sugar daddy, a man in late thirties and dating him, was fun for her.

Though she was not residing in the same location with him and he invited her for their first date, he paid for the travel and hotel room. Indeed, he was a very good-looking man when he showed up at the hotel room. He was fun and loved going out to hang out with me. We never had sex on the first night we spent together.

We were always seeing twice a week during the relationship and it lasted for 2 years. He was not disposed to sending me every time I requested for money but I normally requested for money for specific things that I really needed and most times he would give me $500 whenever we met during our relationship. What worked for in the Sugar Daddy dating relationship was that I knew what I wanted in the relationship and I was committed to it. Any Sugar Baby seeking for rich men to date in a Sugar Daddy dating relationship should know what she wants in the relationship before venturing into it.