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I'm A Sugar Baby — What Can I Get In An Agreement Relationship?

The concept of sugar daddy and sugar baby dating are by no means new. Stories have circled for years of attractive young women earning four or even five figure sums to spend time with a man much older than themselves. The waters are muddied further by rumours that this time involved more than just an evening in an upscale restaurant. That these women are in some way selling themselves physically. Recent reporting though has shed further light on the life of a sugar baby. Whilst the concept of being a sugar baby may be taboo, it seems that there is less physical activity than most people’s imagination leads them to believe. Understandably being accused of having a physical relationship in return for material or monetary compensation is not desirable for these women. Hence, many seem to prefer to use the acronym SD (Sugar daddy) or SB (Sugar baby) rather than use the full name and evoke the many connotations that go with it.

To assume that these women are seeking a sugar daddy purely for financial gain seems to be short-sighted. That is not to say it is not substantial when gifts are factored in. However, many are not airheaded women relying on their looks to get through life. Many are career minded and see this as a very necessary step to take to progress their career, particularly when that career path has created substantial tuition fees. Another driving factor is that it gives many sugar babies an opportunity to see a life much different from their own. An opportunity to spend time with the wealthy who can afford to gift them material items that they could not themselves afford. Since they are wealthy, successful gentlemen they are also well connected, meaning they can open more than just the doors to the restaurant.

So, what is the standard rate for an evening with a sugar baby? Many are willing to pay $2,500 for a single evening. However, when you consider the standard sugar baby allowance of gifts, of the standard of Louboutin and Chanel, you can see how this can quickly increase. Then there are the travel opportunities. Dates do not have to be close to home. First class flights to date destinations are an added perk. Having said that, being a sugar baby is a fulltime job. More than just the hours on a date, constant contact with the sugar daddy is required to keep them feeling cared for. Daily conversation via Instant messaging, emails and facetime keeps that relationship close but not too close. And after all whatever your personal view of the relationship may be, it is a relationship, a friendship or sorts, and this requires maintenance and communication.

Do sugar daddy/baby relationships turn into dating and more? Despite the rumours we may hear, it seems not. One sugar baby relates that one relationship was more like a “mentor to a student. But hey, if the date ticks the right boxes, who knows what could happen in the future”.