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How to Make Your Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

And it is time for the talk. Money or allowance topic is usually the scariest topic in the sugar dating relationship. While it may seem like it is a business contract and shouldn’t be difficult to ask for pay, most sugar babies find it weird to ask their sugar daddies for allowance or money. And this is totally normal. No one wants to come off as broke or desperate or worse, a gold digger. These do not tell well of you and might scare potential sugar daddies away. Which is why you must tread this path carefully. For those who are yet to find the perfect way to get their sugar daddies to give them money, here are a few tips that may help.

1. Find The Perfect Time

There is a time for everything. Learn his moods and know the perfect time to bring such an ‘awkward’ topic. Remember timing is everything. You could ask at the wrong time and flare him up and ask the very same question at another time and he is all smiles and happy to oblige. So, learn of the perfect time and strike when you get it.

2. Look Your Best

One thing you must always remember is that there are other sugar babies besides you. The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is not one with commitments. There is no law binding him to you alone as such he is free to have as many sugar babies as he can care for. This means more competitors for you. To get him to go the extra miles for you, you have to stand out from the rest. Besides getting a perfect time, your method of approach determines if he will oblige your request or not. Try and look your best. Keep it simple and wear a smile. Nothing beats that.

3. Clear State Your Request

Save the relationship drama for your boyfriend. Sugar daddies do not have time to waste on that. If you succeed in grabbing his attention then use your window judiciously before it closes. What do you want from him? Your basic allowance or a little extra? Why do you need it? For fees, clothing, or what? Be explicit on your request and do not forget to give him a convincing reason to oblige. Be honest and go straight to the point.

4. Appreciation Is An Application For More

Whether it is a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship or the traditional relationship, the rule of appreciation stands. A sure way to keep the window open is to show gratitude for the request granted already. Let him know you are grateful and happy to have him in your life. Let him see the appreciation in you not just your lips muttering thank you. This way you are sure to get a ‘yes’ on your next request. Give it a try and thank me later. Go, girl!