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Being A Sugar Baby – How to Make Yourself Stand Out

The sugar daddy dating is a very interesting kind of relationship. Like every other thing in life, it comes with both perks and disadvantages.

One of such disadvantage, which is actually a perk too, is that you are just one of many other sugar babies.

As I mentioned earlier, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage because you do not have to spend all week with your sugar daddy. He’s got other sugar baby dating relationships to turn to. So, you can go on with other activities in your life (school, career, relationship, family, etc.) with no interruptions.

From a different perspective, it is yet a disadvantage as you get to compete with tons of sugar babies for his love and attention. This can be really daunting for some sugar babies, which is why most sugar babies struggle to be the ‘one’ and not just one in the crowd.

As a sugar baby trying to be the ‘one’, what do you do? What are the ways to stand out? Stick around as we take a look at the various ways you can stand out in your sugar daddy dating as a sugar baby.

1.Follow the 80/20 Rule
Everyone, especially, sugar daddies want to be heard. The two of you belong to different social circles (that is a fact,) as such you might have little to nothing to talk about. Boring him with your teen stories and jokes is not the way to go. Therefore, it is important you follow the 80-20 rule. Let him talk for about 80% of the time and talk for the other 20%. By doing so, he would know you appreciate whatever he’s got to say. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who gives him a listening ear?

2.Dress Differently
It is generally believed that sugar babies have to dress in an appealing way at all times. Be that as it may, most people confuse this for dressing half naked or worse. You can choose to dress differently. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be attractive, in fact, do not wear any dress that doesn’t make you attractive. But dressing half naked isn’t the only way to dress attractively. Take a different stance! If other sugar babies are following trend then, go slightly classical. Just anything to make you stand out. Trust me, this will catch his attention.

3.Avoid Routines as a Plague
Want to stand out from the crowd? Then, avoid routines. People get bored of repeating the same activity over and over again. It’s boring as hell! Try to spice up each date. You do not have to follow the traditional date rule – choose a restaurant, eat, dance maybe, and go home. How long do you visit the same restaurant until it gets boring? Avoid these routines as a plaque. They suck! Try something different. Different venues, activities, foods, drinks, games, etc. Just do it differently! This way, he will always look forward to ‘what’s new.’

4.Communication Style
The trick to being different is actually ‘being different.’ To stand out, you have to try as much as you can to do everything differently – communication too. Okay, this may sound weird as your sugar daddy usually decides how often you communicate with each other. Well, that is no excuse still. Be it a daily or weekly communication, try to do it differently. Find out the trend other sugar babies are following and do it differently. How do they communicate? Most sugar babies follow the trend of sending nudes to their sugar daddy. This doesn’t mean you should do the same but try doing it in a different way. You could send half photos if they send full photos. Send handwritten notes of they send emails. Just about anything that makes you different from others. Go, girl!