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6 Topics to Avoid on the First Date with A Sugar Daddy

In our last article, we saw some of the safe topics to discuss with a sugar daddy on the first date. But knowing what to say is useless if you have no idea of the things you should not say. You could get everything right yet the sugar slips through a crack.

These men are wealthy and secretive about some information. As much as they would love to have fun, they need to protect themselves also, which is why you must be fully prepared before going on that date.

You have got one shot at this. One wrong word or question and your chances are blown. But have no fear. Here is a guide on topics to never mention on your first date with a sugar daddy.

1.Past Relationships
Girl, you can save the past relationship topic for when you are getting into a serious relationship, not this arrangement dating. Bringing up his past relationships or yours only freaks him out. He is into the sugar relationship for a reason – maybe failed love story or marriage, and here you are bringing up the same sad story that led to him being there in the first place. Chances are, he will reconsider his decisions or spend the entire time thinking of failed relationships.

2.Bill Payment or Financial Status
Yes, I know you are in this not just for fun but for the money too. Be that as it may, you do not want to come off as someone desperate about his money. These men are older and have got lots of experiences – good and bad experiences alike. They are usually secretive about some personal details. You scare them off by being interrogative or too concerned about their net worth.

3.Your Social Life
Okay, let’s get serious for a minute. We both know these men are way older and have little in common with us. That is a fact. So, why bring up your social life on a date? Why talk about what your friends do or think? This only reminds him of the age gap and difference in taste between you guys, making him consider why he agreed to waste his time on a child. You have ruined it, girl!

4.How Good He is Under the Sheet
Yes, this is one no-go topic for every sugar daddy. You want to be satisfied, true. But you also know of the age difference between you two before getting into the sugar daddy dating relationship. Men do not handle the old age thing very well – it scares most of them. So, try as much as possible to avoid anything that points to his weaknesses or age. Avoid such a topic like a plague because it is a sure way to blow your chances.

5.His Personal Details
It is okay to get to know the man behind the messages. But you have to do that without coming off as a detective investigating a crime. Like I mentioned before, these men have been through a lot, they have worked hard to get to the level they are now and are ready to protect their assets and status at all cost. Prying is no way to go, girl. Avoid such topics at all cost. Do not ruin your efforts on the first date.

Sugar daddies are the wrong set of people to play the victim or self-pity game with. You could be sincere and just want to share some of your insecurities or maybe some stories on how life hasn’t been fair to you but he has no time to start recounting woes and failures. Remember your primary duty, as a sugar baby, is to keep him happy.