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5 Sugar Dating Rules The Don'ts

Welcome back! In our last article, we talked about the five ‘dos’ of sugar daddy dating and we wish to continue with the five ‘don’ts.’ Sugar dating is very much unlike the traditional dating world where you have lots of people to mentor you from their past experience. The sugar dating world, on the other hand, is not crowded like the traditional dating and very few practitioners are ready to admit their involvement let alone advice others. This makes it difficult for newbie sugar babies to navigate their way through the many turns and curves that litters the sugar dating world.

With that in mind, we have decided to help with a few tips that have been proven to help succeed in the industry.

Avail yourself with these 5 golden rules and thank us later.


  1. Play sugar baby roles until you are one

I can’t stress this enough. Never play the role of a sugar baby until he makes you one. Sending him nudes or having sex on the first date is no guarantee that he will call you back. In fact, it scares them off because they will think you are desperate. Wait until he agrees to the agreement before playing the role of a sugar baby.

  1. Be another problem to solve

Sugar daddies are usually successful rich men who are virtually always busy with work or projects. They seek beautiful young talented girls as sugar babies to keep them company. They seek contractual relationships instead of the traditional dating because they do not have the time for the drama that comes with ‘normal’ dating. So, save the nagging, complaints, family issues, and other stuff for your boyfriend. It is called sugar dating because it is supposed to be sweet and interesting. Keep it that way for as long as long as you can. Be his peace not another problem to solve.

  1. Waste his time

As I mentioned earlier, these men are busy and as such have little or no time to spare. The little time allocated to you should be spent well, not sobbing, complaining, or fighting. His time is precious, don’t waste it.

  1. Get Comfortable

People get to lose their charm as the relationship progresses. This is common in both the traditional dating system and the sugar dating industry. While getting comfortable is a natural trait that comes with time, as a sugar baby who intends to succeed in the sugar dating world, you must avoid it as much as you can. Be sure to maintain the same characters you portrayed from the inception of the relationship. Don’t get lazy or comfortable because he can walk out the door at any point in the relationship.

  1. Get overly attached

Sugar dating is a contractual relationship that comes with no strings attached (NSA). Therefore, you should guide your emotions carefully to ensure you are not getting overly attached. It is a contract, girl. Get what you want and save your emotions for your boyfriend.